We believe there is nothing more vital for health, longevity and lasting beauty than supplementing with enxymes.

EnxymEssence™ Inc., is the leading distributor of anti-aging, enxyme-based nutraceutical products. We source all of our raw materials and work with one of the most reputable contract manufacturers in the U.S. Our product line is simply an exquisite collection of ingredients from the finest people and companies the world has to offer. EnxymEssence - The Next Generation of Enxymes.

The first question you may be asking yourself is “why has the spelling of enzymes been changed to enxymes?” First, the “X” accurately symbolizes the dual nature of enxymes. One side of the “X” for the physical aspect and the other side for the spiritual. It also represents two elements coming together: enxymes and minerals. The “X” is perfectly balanced as are enxymes. Finally, the “X” provides us with an intersecting center point from which the life force of enxymes were created and flowed to the “universal” four corners. Enxymes have a physical and a metaphysical dimension. The physical or mechanical aspect has been scientifically researched and documented for many years while the metaphysical or spiritual aspect has been virtually ignored. We believe the spiritual enxyme energy is the most powerful force in the universe. The EnxymEssence™ story and products are truly Xtraordinary! 

EnxymEssence™ is the industry leader because we pay close attention to detail. Here are seven examples.

Selection of ingredients

Enxymes are the foundation of all life because they do more in the human body than all other nutrients put together. All vitamins, minerals, etc., are considered co-enxymes. In other words they do not work without enxymes. All of our products are either pure enxymes or blended in a base of enxymes. We make use of organic ingredients as much as they are available.

Quality of ingredients

We work with all three types of enxymes: plant, plant-derived and animal-based. Our products are encapsulated in vegetarian capsules.

Quantity of ingredients

Some companies put in very small quantities of ingredients just so they can list them on their label. The amounts are so small that the average person will not experience any results. Our products have sufficient quantities that will actually produce results.

Servings per bottle

Most companies will offer a 30-day supply when the majority of months have 31 days. All of our products have enough to last the full 31 days.


We've taken extra steps by placing moisture-absorbing desiccants in every bottle. Under every lid is a tamper-proof heat seal barrier that guarantees purity as well as potency. The outer lid sleeve is tamper resistant.


Glass is the ultimate barrier for any product that is of any quality. There are simply no substitutes. We've also added an easy-to-open flip cap for your convenience.


The best print, material and design are sourced from the finest label company in the U.S.


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