Discover what Y.E.S. can do for you.

We are pleased to present a unique program formulated by Viktoras Kulvinskas and EnxymEssence that will transform your life. Following this program should result in the restoration and maintenance of optimum health. We define that as living in such harmony with the universe’s design for your being, that vibrant life, energy and vitality are natural outcomes.

There are 5 stages that progressively lead
to the wellness you are looking for.

  1. Transition to Wellness Phase
  2. Cleaning and Detox Phase
  3. Rebuild and Restore Phase
  4. Maintenance and Diet Management Phase
  5. Life Extension

Be patient and work through each step with awareness and intentionality. For example, focus on positive thoughts of wanting to align yourself with health; rather than wanting to rid yourself of something negative like extra weight.

This plan is life-transforming; meaning that you will not want to return to your former patterns of living. These changes are not only practical and achievable, but indispensable to a vigorous, fruitful life.

There is no specific time requirement and it does not matter how long each step takes. It is important to fully incorporate the instructions for each step before moving on as the stages are arranged in a particular order to build health.


Stage One:  Transition to Wellness Phase

Introduction to the Holistic Model - Stabilizing oneself to a more primitive, healthy, whole food diet.

Youthing Homeostasis
Homeostasis refers to the system’s ability to regulate its internal environment so that it maintains a constant condition of properties including temperature, pH, oxygen levels and other key components that are essential to the maintenance within the life processes of the body. Youthing is a protocol developed which emphasizes a return to optimum levels of enzymes, alkalinity, oxygen and minerals so as to slow the aging process and regain the components of youth.
Remember that you can live only a few minutes without oxygen. You can live only a few days without water, and you can live only weeks without the intake of food. When considering these elements, quantity is essential, but quality is what will change living into life. In the following, we cover most of the key components that are central to the dynamics of homeostasis. These components are also key biomarkers of your biological age.

Aging and accelerated death are due to the daily insult to the body with enzyme-less nutrition, acidic foods, oxygen diminished non-green diet, depleted mineralization and low-fluid content foods. On a daily basis, you turn your body into a storage bin of incompletely metabolized, dead food. Eventually, the ability to maintain life is circumvented due to an extreme imbalance of one or more of these key components of homeostasis.

You will be working with a holistic approach, impacting all physiological systems simultaneously, thereby, removing more and more stored waste while replenishing yourself with the essential constituents of life and getting into a rhythm whereby the body maintains its optimum homeostasis. Utilizing this program on a day-to-day basis will remove the remaining metabolic waste products that might have accumulated without the weekly and more frequent cleansing programs.

Here is the homeostasis that you will be attempting to create within your body

Oxygen is the driving force for all your physiological activities. The biochemistry of life is due to the usage and creation of oxygen into energy. Every chemical reaction in your body requires oxygen. Oxygen levels are influenced by your red blood cell count and hemoglobin levels, which can both be improved with diet. Most people are in some type of anemic state. Green foods are going to assist in building the blood with daily salads and super-foods as a supplement.

Your oxygen levels will be improved through strengthening the respiratory system. This is best achieved by cardiovascular exercise and by practicing deep breathing exercises like Pranayama. It’s also very beneficial to spend time in the presence of nature and oxygen-producing green growth. Forests, oceans and ozonized air does wonders for the system and the psyche.

Nutritionally, if you are deficient in enzymes, your protein is not being metabolized and incompletely metabolized proteins will reduce your oxygen transport. It is very important to take enzymes with your meals and/or eat predigested protein foods such as ferments, seed cheeses and sprouted seeds.

Also it's good to know that fats, even raw fats, create some level of stickiness (and clumping) of the red blood cells which will radically reduce the capacity for oxygen transport. The influence of heat-treated fats is even worse. Furthermore, all processed and smoked foods have an extremely deleterious effect on the oxygen levels of your entire body.

Biochemical reactions all take place in a liquid medium called structured water. In a healthy individual, approximately 70-80% of the chemical composition of the body is water. Proper usage of water and optimal daily intake is vital.

Daily intake should be least 1 ounce of high quality liquid, be it juices or purified/distilled water, for every 2 lbs. of body weight. Of course it's best to avoid chlorinated, fluoridated and unsanitary water.

Following a well-designed protocol is one way to optimize your body’s health. Start the day with a couple glasses of warm water. This increases the enzymatic activity. During the day, if you feel you have food stuck in your stomach, have a glass of warm water and it will support digestion. 

At anytime you may add a little pinch of cayenne pepper to your water to increase circulation. You may also add half of a squeezed lemon or lime to help move more mucus and phlegm out of your system. Adding a pinch of sea salt will increase the mineral reserves for your friendly bacteria, as well as improve your whole, internal metabolism. Throughout the day, if your stomach is empty, consume two glasses of warm water or temperature of your choice.

There is a gradient of alkalinity ranging across the cytoplasm to the intercellular fluids in the blood. Your body does everything possible to maintain a ~7.4 alkalinity pH level in the blood. When the body is challenged by acidic food or acidic metabolic waste products, it will utilize the alkaline reserves from different organs, bones and dental mass to maintain a high enough alkalinity in the blood (a kind of robbing Peter to pay Paul). If the blood is highly acidic it can cause death. If it's too alkaline, which can happen by taking in alkaloids (narcotics, Tums, baking soda), that can lead to death.

Your body functions in a very limited pH range. For example, the pH of your muscular system is usually between 8 and 9.  It is during the sixteen hours of being awake that you end up acidifying your muscle system resulting in fatigue. The blood becomes toxic with other metabolic waste products.

The only thing food that is alkalizing is raw food. Anything that has been cooked or processed leads to disorganizing (de-ionizing?) the alkaline minerals into becoming free radicals while losing some of the electrons.

Do your best to consume the darkest greens such as kale, spinach, burdock and all kinds of wild weeds in moderation. As you get more accustomed to the taste, it will continuously build more athletic stamina and power. It will rejuvenate your internal organs to higher pH levels and you will experience a stronger detoxification.

Enzyme are the blue-collar workers of your body, the labor force and the management for the processing of raw materials from food, water and any other substances that come into your body. Manage your body effectively to make sure the waste products generated by metabolism and digestions have been excreted successfully. If not, as your enzyme levels diminish, your body becomes more and more like a storage device for incompletely metabolized foods. These nefarious waste products get stored in the increased fat reserves. Furthermore, the by-products of incompletely metabolized protein (denatured protein, uric acid etc.) as well as the inorganic minerals from heat-treated foods (especially dairy products) are all stored in fat cells. All of this floods your system with garbage. Capillaries become congested as well, storing industrial waste that is inhaled and ingested via all water and food sources.

Enzymes are proteins, yet not all proteins are enzymes. The enzymes have an intelligence that allows them to break down complicated organic compounds into simpler forms. Each enzyme does its job very uniquely. 

Enzymes are extremely heat sensitive. Once the temperature goes beyond 120 F or 42 C, the enzymatic activity diminishes and the enzyme becomes an inert protein complex. On a cooked food diet you become enzyme-exhausted quite rapidly; compromising both the digestive and immune functions that require enzymes. By the time a person reaches the age of 60, they have lost over 80% of the enzyme reserves that they had at the age of 18.

The good news is that we can replenish our enzyme reserves with raw food and supplementation.

Enzymes are in involved in the digestive process. The first phase is pre-digestive, and this involves whatever enzymes are available in your stomach. These enzymes are there as a result of the ptyalin enzyme secretion contained in saliva, as well as the enzyme and probiotic supplements you have taken. The saliva, the supplements, the presence of microorganisms in your food, and the food and in your stomach all work together to digest your meal. The more enzymes you have the more rapid and complete the digestion. Thoroughly chewing your food, of course, is also very important.

Having all these other relevant factors associated with digestion makes a difference as to how successful the chemistry of digestion will work. It can make you feel energized or fatigued. Digestion can be running faultily due to a break in the many requirements of successful digestion.

In a raw vegan diet, the body does not need to generate hydrochloric acid so it does not. The body’s enzymes function very well in a wide pH range. Also, the plant-based enzymes that come in supplement form function in a pH range from 3.5 to 10.5. Their activity is not interfered with by any requirements of specific acid or alkaline conditions.

The deficiency of lipase, the fat-splitting enzyme, is evident in obese people.  Approximately 60% of Americans are overweight.  And approximately 10% are considered morbidly obese (2-5 times heavier than their recommended weight). Dr. Guyton showed that people who have weight management problems have a deficiency of lipase enzymes. The deficiency of the protease enzymes is reflected by the fact that the number 1 and 2 killers in the U.S. are cancer and cardiovascular diseases.
All these diseases are a result of incompletely metabolized protein saturating the system over a long period of time. This leads to a congestion of the arteries, a decrease in cellular oxygenation and, as a result, the body begins manufacturing cancer cells (ontogenesis). Refer to the book, Cancer is not a Disease - It's a Survival Mechanism by Andreas Moritz.

Learn more:

Many nutritional studies have been done in reference to the influence of specific foods and their effects on the quality of health and life. Probiotics, in the form of fermented foods, are rated as extremely important. Many studies indicate that people in cultures that consume some form of fermented food or beverage at least once a day along with their meals have higher levels of longevity, lower incidents of degenerative diseases and decreased infant mortality.

Probiotics, good bacteria or friendly flora, live throughout the gastro-intestinal system as well as on your skin, hair, and eyes, both internally and externally. According to recent studies, a healthy individual has 20-100 times more friendly bacteria than they do cells in their bodies. This means that up to 95% of the genetic material within the human being is of non-human origin. 

If you co-operate with the friendly bacteria, they will help protect you against the less-than-optimal bacteria, viruses and plagues.  Look up "Avian Flu 2007 + Korea + kimchi" with a quick Google search and it will show you the research that has been done. You will read that “not only did the kimchi prevent the flu but that it also might have cured it.” A year later a German study claimed that sauerkraut did the same.

These probiotic bacteria are very important in terms of protecting against the high incidents of death.  For example, the 1918 Spanish Flu (which caused as many as 50-100 million deaths) might have been prevented by kimchi or sauerkraut. 

The mechanism and function of these probiotic foods are accomplished by way of the metabolic waste of fermentation. This includes the beneficially created product called enzymes. Enzymes are generated by microbes in their attempt to digest the food that is being served to them and "clean up" what is available in their neighborhood. They basically surround the food and squirt them with enzymes. As a result, tremendous surpluses of enzymes are left over for your own use for more than simply digestive support.      

Re-mineralization is important in order to optimize your DNA.  Quoted from Dr. Deepak Chopra, "the highest maximum DNA structure exists as an electromagnetic, architectural matrix formed in the Akashic Records.  The soul force that downloads either degradation of your DNA in the next reproduction or improves its structure and is continuously moving, every generation, to the optimization of the inherent, Divine Perfection, which is in the DNA.”     (check quote)

Full spectrum minerals are the key to planetary life. With known unsustainability and radically reduced conditions of our soil, we know that our foods have diminished levels.  The demineralization was so extensive that an entry in the 1930 Congressional Records stated that 95% of the people were deficient in 1 or more of the essential minerals. That was 1930, so you can be certain that currently, nearly all people are deficient in 1 or more minerals.

The only way you are going to get the full spectrum of minerals is to consume sea vegetables. Also, by adding a high quality sea salt to your meal preparations in miniscule amounts. Eating food that is grown with sea salt or fertilized with rock dust will have a greater array of minerals as well.

Why such importance on minerals? For starters, Dr. Yoshide Hagiwara stated that "minerals are the enzymes for the enzymes, making them work harder, faster, longer and more diversified in terms of their abilities to support the digestive process.”

Dr. Maynard Murray, in his book Sea Energy Agriculture, brought out this wisdom in the use of sea salt, in a diluted concentration, as the ultimate fertilizer. The details of this seawater usage are found in his book. He includes experimental research demonstrating dramatic improvements in the health, fertility and lives of animals, fruit trees and all forms of plant life.

In another experiment, animals that had degenerated and were challenged with problems with cholesterol and high fat were studied. Eventually, the subjects that had the greatest amount of full-spectrum, mineral-rich grown food showed no signs of previous health problems. In other words, minerals increase strength, the immune system and one’s ability to survive within an environment and diet of toxic indulgences.

For your personal use, you can add a tablespoon of sea salt to each gallon of water you are using for spouting, soaking and watering. This will lead to increased mineral resources, improved taste and doubling the food’s shelf life. There’s nothing like it in terms of quality!


Introduction to Supplementation
If you are working with a healthcare professional, find one who is already prescribing enzymatic therapy or possibly educate them by recommending books like Enzymes, the Fountain of Life, by Williams, Lopez and Miehlke.  

Introduce supplements gradually. If you experience discomfort, temporarily cut back on the number of supplements and at the same time increase your fluid intake. Do all that is necessary to improve elimination. At the same time, make sure you are exercising and getting enough rest. You will see significant improvement, depending upon your condition, within the matter of a week.

This progress will vary with your personal history, but you should see noticeable benefits within a period of less than a month. If you are trying to gain quality of life and making natural, progressive and major lifestyle upgrades, you can anticipate moving into a comfortable, healthier and more youthful predisposition, as well as the elimination of discomforting symptoms.

Improved quality of life may be what you are seeking. The supplements will enable you to achieve this goal. Primarily, you will be catching up with the inventory of lifestyle-generated toxemia.

The body will eventually move into what is called healing and/or eliminative crisis. This might consist of a day or two depending on what steps are taking. Symptoms like a mild headache, fever, and fatigue is due to your increased vitality and the initiation of the cellular elimination of waste products that might be years old.

Under this healing duress, you can slow it down or you can support it. To slow it down, you would eat more cooked food and reduce the supplement level. A better option is to get a colonic irrigation and stay on liquids. Increase your liquid intake; get more rest, an acupuncture treatment, salt baths, etc.
The healing process is a retracing. You can read more about this in, Survival in the 21st Century in the Iridology Chapter. The body will be eliminating waste products. It was uncomfortable storing these wastes and will be just as uncomfortable eliminating the stored products. It could take months or years, depending on how intensely you work.

However, your diligence will pay off as vibrant and abundant energies of bliss await those who embrace YOUTHING!


Stage Two:  Cleansing and Detox Phase


Stage Three:  Rebuild and Restore Phase

Eat more raw salads, sprouts, and sea vegetables. Implement Cleansing protocol for 3-8 weeks. You should not lose more than 15% of your ideal weight.
Next, rebuild utilizing higher protein nuts and seeds, spirulina, protein powders, sprouted grain, some oils and avocado with high raw EFA and increased caloric content.
Clean up the internal environment with the help of fresh juices, raw foods, low fat/protein, starch-lean diet, super-foods, enzymes and cleansing herbs. 
Rebuild with whole natural foods, with an emphasis on raw. Allow yourself to rebuild to optimal weight and then repeat the process. After repeating a few times, increase the intensity of cleansing (possibly with a juice fast) incorporate resistance training (for rebuilding muscle mass)
Deepening your consciousness and spiritual commitments -

Stage Four:  Maintenance and Diet Management Phase

Your system has been stabilized when your cleansing becomes rebuilding with green juice fasting, liquid diet, and raw foods. 

Keep up the daily exercise, practice juice fasting for one week or more at least two times a year. 

The foods we emphasize are one meal daily of sprouted grain/soaked seed with sea vegetables and avocado; soaked nut/seed protein meal with salads.  If you wish, a fruit meal, a big green salad with sprouted mung beans, lentils and sea vegetables.

Stage Five: Life Extension Phase

Best discovered by personal study with Viktoras in the Costa Rica YOUTHING Retreat.      


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